“Tomorrow is Today”

Posted: January 20, 2015 in Uncategorized
How are those healthy new year resolutions coming along? Settling into a routine? Starting to see the benefits of eating healthier foods and exercising more? How consistent are you becoming? You’re only 1-day left to building that habit, right?
Actually that is not the case. You have a few more weeks to go. Studies are showing that the 21-days to build a habit is a myth and that it will take at least 60-days (two months) depending on the person, behavior being changed, and circumstances.
When it comes to building a healthy lifestyle, it really becomes more of changing behavior vs. habits.
We live in a society that thrives in the here and now. We crave instant gratification and its no different with health and fitness. To truly see results you must enjoy each day of progress and embrace the journey. You must commit to the system.  Understanding from the beginning that it won’t be easy will make it easier to manage your expectations. Whether it takes 21 days or 365 days, it starts with Day 1. Focus on the work today and repeat tomorrow.
Don’t wait until tomorrow. A good friend of mine often says, “tomorrow is today: your tomorrow is here so focus on one change you would like to see happen today!” ~Frank Sole
What is your motivation? What is it that inspired you? Put that at the forefront of your mind when the pain starts. Nothing worth having comes easy.  Watch Arthur’s story…
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    I didn’t know it takes 2 months to get that habit under your belt.


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